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Concern for environment driving textile recycling industry

2014/8/30      view:

“Concern for our environment is driving the textile recycling industry. As conscientious consumers 

continue to get involved in making a ‘Green’ choice, there will be a greater need for eco-friendly textiles 

to be recycled, says the Marketing Manager of a US-based textile recycler.

Textile recycling has come into its own in recent years, more so, due to the issue of sustainable 

disposable of used clothing, which otherwise would have been dumped in landfills and in the process 

inflict damage on the environment.

In a quick chat with fibre2fashion, Nancy Hunze - Sales and Marketing Manager at US-based Miller 

Waste Mills shares her opinion on viewing recycled textiles as the future of textile and fashion industry 

and which countries will have high adoption rate for recycled clothing.

She informs, “Earlier this spring, the first ‘International Textile Recycling Summit’ (ITRS) was held in 

Miami - Florida, with representatives from all over the world in attendance. Ideas were tossed around, 

concerns were brought to light, and new technologies were discussed.”

She adds, “Because textile waste has such a negative impact on our environment, it has become a very 

hot topic globally. Discussions covered the challenges of clothing/textile collections, reclaimed wiper 

issues, fiber conversion technologies, and future innovations in the processing of textiles.”