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Why switch to microfiber?

2014/3/29      view:

The simple answer to this question is because microfibers are light, durable, and easy to use. They help prevent cross contamination during the cleaning procedure, are proven to be cost effective, environmental friendly, and just clean better.

Traditional cotton or paper materials have been the standard for cleaning for decades. However, back in 2002, the EPA already began suggesting for the industry to make the switch to microfibers. 

Microfiber materials are densely constructed polyester and polyamide fibers that are approximately 1/16th the thickness of human hair. This fine density allows the microfiber materials to hold six times its weight in water. Many times with standard mops, the operator is pushing dirty water around and especially pushing it into the grout lines. 

Unlike standard mops, microfibers are positively charged which acts like a magnet attracting dust (which is negatively charged). This helps to grab dust and drag it out of the area to truly clean the floor. Microfibers are tiny enough to penetrate the microscopic surface pores that compose most floors. For as tiny as these materials are, they can withstand between 100-500 launderings which adds cost effectiveness as a primary benefit as well. 

In addition to this cost effective advantage, microfiber are less labor intensive, saving both time and effort for the operator.

There are top 10 reasons to use microfibers:

The cleaning staff likes microfiber

Patients are happier

Microfiber is an inherently effective cleaning technique

Ease of use

Less potential for injury

Pollution prevention and reduction of chemical hazards

Microfiber streamlines tasks and takes less time

Microfiber can reduce costs

Biological hazards are reduced

Laundering resources are reduced