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Microfiber towels you need to know

2013/11/28      view:

Microfiber towels is also a high-quality, high-tech textile raw materials, microfiber because of a very small diameter, so its bending stiffness is small, feel particularly soft fiber has a very strong effect of the cleaning function and waterproof breathable. 

The microfiber with many fine pores between the microfiber, the formation of capillary structure, and processed into the fabric of the towel, with a super absorbent hair washed this towel can soon be siphoning off the water, make the hair drying. 

Microfiber yarn is a pollution-free high-tech new textile materials, its ingredients are organic polyester and nylon composite generated by an ultra-fine fibers. A strong absorbent, breathable, mildew (after special treatment process but also anti-bacteria antibacterial) significant functional raw materials, being widely used in apparel, home textiles finished weaving on international . The domestic is working strong invested heavily in research and development in this area of the home textile industry. 

Microfiber towel imports of polyester and nylon particles as raw material to produce polyester and nylon composite microfiber yarn standard 8020 high-quality polyester and nylon composite wire, its fineness of 0.2 denier and great toughness (only hair 1/200 to 300, 1 gram microfiber microfiber Silkwood stretching 90,000 meters without breaking).