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Tips to save time, money on cleaning

2013/11/28      view:

When cleaning your home, start at the highest level of your home and dust, then damp wipe everything onto the surface below.

The last thing you clean should always be the floor. Most people prefer to sweep instead of vacuum. This invites all of your dust and dirt back up into the air. If you vacuum, that dust and dirt goes directly into the bag or canister of the vacuum instead of back up onto the surfaces that you just cleaned. After wet mopping, another useful tip is to re-vacuum the floor that you just mopped.

A new innovative material on the market today is microfiber. It was first introduced as a great car finish cleaner because it didn't leave streaks. Now it is used for several everyday cleaning tasks. Cleaning glass with microfiber is a great money saver, especially since paper towels are so expensive. The safest products for glass cleaning are either vinegar or a non-ammonia glass cleaner, so you won't ever cross the ammonia with products containing bleach. Vinegar is a great hard water stain remover as well.

Stove tops can be a challenge. Most stove tops today (except for the glass tops) are durable enough to clean with strong oven cleaner without damaging the finish. You can also spray your drip pans with oven cleaner and let them sit overnight. Putting them in your dishwasher is another alternative to washing them by hand.

Stainless steel is becoming more prevalent in homes today. If you want to save money, stay away from all those fancy and expensive stainless steel cleaners on the market. A useful and inexpensive alternative is mineral oil. First, clean the surface with window cleaner, then go over it with the mineral oil for a nice shiny surface.

Everyone has a hard time with cleaning around faucets. They are usually built up with gunk between the handles and where it attaches to the sink. Use dental floss to clean the hard to reach places that your sponge or cloth just can't reach.

Whether you're having a dinner party and need to get out your fancy silverware or just need to polish your silver teapots, save some time and money with this idea: Take an aluminum pan, whether it be a throw away or one you already have, put it on the stove on low with about two tablespoons of baking soda and soak your silver for about 15 minutes. The stubborn stains may take a bit longer.

Keeping Venetian blinds clean is everyone's toughest challenge. Fill your bathtub up half way and add about a cup of bleach. Let them soak for about four hours or even overnight if time permits. Rinse them with your shower head if you have one or pour cups of water over them if you don't. If you have no where to hang dry the blinds, wrap them in a towel, then put them right back up with a towel underneath them so they don't get the floor all wet.

Spot cleaning a carpet is easier than you might think. Many people think that the more you rub on a stain, the more it comes out. That action just spreads the stain wider so it appears to lighten up. Make sure the rug or carpet has no special cleaning instructions and doesn't need to be dry cleaned by a professional before you begin. Place a towel near by before you start. Take about a half cup of soda water and pour it on the stain. Let this soak in for about five minutes. Place the towel on the wet spot and stand on it until the towel absorbs the soda water. Repeat this procedure until the stain is gone.

By Ronda J. Linton