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China-14 Textile-related Technologies to Be Developed in Priority

2013/11/14      view:

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has published the "Guide to the Development of Key and Common Industrial Technology (2013)", defining 261 technologies for 8 major industries including raw materials industry, equipment manufacturing industry, consumer goods industry, electronic manufacturing industry, software & information technology industry, communications and informationization industry and productive service industry will enjoy priority in development. These technologies all highlight energy-saving, environment-friendly and making comprehensive use of resources.


Among them, there are 14 kinds of textile industry-related technologies, including: technologies for hi-tech fibers; technologies for high temperature-resistant filtering materials; complete intelligent cotton spinning line; intelligent hanging system for made-up textile goods; online monitoring and control technology for printing and dyeing process; key technologies for batch production of high-efficiency super-fine filtration nanometer fiber membrane; key technologies for bio-based synthetic fibers; key technologies for marine bio-based chemical fibers; key technologies for new-type cellulose fibers; key technologies for bio-chemical raw materials; technologies for recycled and regenerated materials; technologies for processing new materials of technical textiles and new technologies for water-saving, energy-saving and pollution-reducing of textile printing and dyeing production.